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Anti-Aging Cucumber Rinse Beauty Recipe

Anti-aging Cucumber rinse beauty recipe that helps to fades age spots and dark skin spots on your facial skin and arm areas.

There are two main cucumber varieties. The regular, everyday cucumbers we buy to use in cooking and salads and then there’s the pickling cucumbers which are smaller and have a thick bumpy skin, used for canning and making pickles. Always use the everyday variety in your homemade beauty recipes.



Cucumbers contain vitamins A, B & C and trace amounts of potassium, silica and magnesium which make cucumbers effective for skin tightening and skin lightening. Cucumbers work to reduce under eye puffiness and skin swelling which is attributable to the absorbic and caffeic acids they contain.


Cucumber Skin and Facial Rinse

1 teaspoon cucumber juice
2 teaspoons room temperature purified water

Mix together the cucumber juice and the water.

Apply and let dry on skin.

Use morning and night until you see your age spots fading.
Cucumbers are excellent bleaching agents for age spots.