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Homemade Anti-Aging Raw Sour Milk Facial Beauty Recipe

Homemade Anti-Aging Raw Sour Milk beauty recipe to use as a facial peel that gently reveals youthful looking skin and improves your skins texture and clarity.


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Raw sour milk is the best form of milk to use in homemade beauty recipes because it’s loaded with enzymes and probiotics whereas pasteurized milk is not.

There’s a difference between sour raw milk and milk we buy in a grocery store that’s pasteurized. When pasteurized milk extends past it’s due-date and goes bad – it can’t safely be consumed, and must be thrown out. Raw milk, even old raw milk can still be ingested and is useful in cooked recipes and for our skin.


Sour Milk Facial Peel

1/2 cup Raw Sour Milk


After a shower when pores are open, is the best time to do this facial. If not possible, soak a wash cloth in hot water for one minute. Then place warm cloth over face and relax for five minutes. Remove cloth.

Wash your face with the raw sour milk.

Allow sour milk to remain on skin for up to five minutes.

Gently rinse with warm water.

The lactic acid in the raw sour milk will provide a gentle peeling effect without irritating or drying the skin.

Repeat three times per week.


Helpful Info:
Pasteurized milk is basically dead food because there’s no enzymes and no probiotics present. When store milk goes sour, the milk becomes an extreme food borne illness risk, so it can’t be consumed and has to be thrown away.

On the other hand, Raw milk is full of enzymes and probiotics, so when raw milk begins to sour, it just means that good bacteria (called probiotics) have started to use up the milk sugar (lactose) which in turn, causes the raw milk to no longer taste as sweet.

If you have raw milk that tastes sour, it’s still safe to drink and is actually even more health beneficial because of the increased level of probiotics.

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