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How to Sanitize with a Bidet and Save Toilet Paper

With a Bidet You Don’t Have to Rush Around Trying to Find Toilet Paper

With the toilet paper supply questionable with Coronavirus upon us, I came across a great idea one gal posted on Instagram. She shared that she ordered a Bidet, and in her stories she filmed how they installed it. This is the Bidet she ordered, and I just ordered one too. This Bidet has over 3000 positive reviews and is in stock and available for shipping.


Bio Bidet with warm water temperature control and is self-cleaning.

If you’ve never used or considered a Bidet in your bathroom, now might be a good time to re-evaluate.

Many people and cultures wouldn’t be without a Bidet.

They’re easy to install.
Easy to keep clean, most are self cleaning.
You’ll save on toilet paper big time.

Prices are going up and stock is being depleted, so don’t hesitate on these.
Order a Bidet now on amazon


note: The fittings must be set securely on all bidets or they may leak from the water supply line. I’ve been told to not rush the connection. Portable Bidets take less than 30 minutes to install.

Actually it only took me about 15 minutes to install from start to finish … now I have a working Bidet.

I’ll admit it took me a few “trys” to get used to the whole thing, but I love it.

Bidets have pressure controls, so I’d recommend you start at 2 or 3, and increase the pressure number up from there.


I’ve noticed that amazon, even with Prime, on some items can’t meet their two-day delivery promise. Not to worry – get your order in, and they’ll deliver as soon as within a week. No telling if we all wait to order from amazon things we need – in another couple of weeks, deliveries may be delayed even more.


Enjoy Your Bidet !!!



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