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Lighted Vanity Mirrors: Why get one and what to look for

Lighted Vanity Mirrors …
Tips to Choose the Best Lighted Vanity Mirror for You


Did You Know?

A variety of options are available:

  • Battery-powered lighted mirrors can be taken with you and used anywhere.
  • LED and fluorescent bulbs offer additional efficiency and keep your area nice and cool.
  • Energy-efficient lighted mirrors not only consume less energy but typically don’t burn as a hot.
  • Dual-sided mirrors provide additional magnification, one side is a lower magnification than the other.
  • Dual-sided mirror magnifications range from 3x to 10x on one side, and 1x on the other side.

We recommend buying a lighted mirror with the 10x magnification. You may not think there’s a big difference between 7x or 8x as opposed to 10x – but there is. You’ll be much happier with the 10x!

Size Matters: If you’ll be using your light mirror to just apply eye makeup or tweeze eyebrows, then one as small as 5 inches in diameter will be sufficient.
If you plan on using your lighted vanity mirror for application of full-face cosmetics, facials, cleansing, or do to your hair – then go with at least 8 inches diameter or more.

Pamper yourself with a lighted vanity mirror that will turn your daily facial cleansing, moisturizing and weekly skin masks into a spa-like experience. Plus, you’ll actually be able to SEE what you’re doing, what size your pores are and what you’re actually going to look like before you go outside.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tweezed my eyebrows, only to sit down at my lighted vanity mirror – and find a ton of stray eyebrow hairs that I missed. Not to mention the stray facial hairs that are poking out! Not good!

Lighted mirrors improve accuracy when doing tasks like tweezing your eyebrows or giving yourself a facial. Sunlight or natural daylight lighted mirrors mimmick natural daylight so you don’t over-apply cosmetics. You can see what the actual makeup color and tone will be when you go outside – you’ll look natural and not like a clown.


Many Lighted Mirror Options are available …

One Lighted Mirror We Really Like:

– Fluorescent lighting: 30% brighter, and more than 60% energy savings
1x / 10x Magnification
– 8.5-Inch round diameter, thin profile head with stylish brushed nickel finish
– 360 Rotating head

The Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror; 1x/10x Magnification uses fluorescent lighting that is 30% brighter, and uses more than 60% less energy. Features include an 8.5-inch round diameter, thin profile head with a stylish brush nickel finish. Conveniently rotates 360 degrees.

Buyer comment: “The Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror by far surpasses anything I have owned in the past. I would always put on my makeup, get in my car and my face looked completely different. This mirror mimics natural daylight …. which is what we need ….. and when I go out now, my makeup looks exactly the way I applied it! It fits nicely on my dressing table leaving plenty of room for my cosmetics.”

Read the 100+ positive reviews on amazon for this  Give as a Gift, Lighted Vanity Mirror
10x Natural Sunlight Lighted Vanity Mirror

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