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Oatmeal and White China Clay Facial Mask

Oatmeal and White China Clay Facial Mask Homemade Beauty Recipe


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Oatmeal & White China Clay Facial Mask

This face mask is gentle for those with sensitive skin.
Will tighten and detox skin.

1/4 cup colloidal oatmeal fine
3 tablespoons china clay
2 tablespoons lavender flowers
2 tablespoons chamomile flowers


Use one or more of the following as wetting agents:  honey, floral water, herbal tea, water.

Mix the dry ingredients well.

Place a few tablespoons of the mix in a small bowl.

Add wetting agent to make a paste.

Apply to face and allow drying for ten to twenty minutes.

Rinse with warm water.

Store remaining mixture in airtight container.

For super sensitive skin, herbs can be left out or amount reduced.




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