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5 Unexpected Uses for Coconut Oil

5 Unexpected Uses for Coconut Oil from Treating Bug Bites to Shaving your Legs.


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Always use unrefined, virgin coconut oil on your skin.

If using coconut oil for cooking, then buy refined coconut oil. For everyday uses (not including cooking) “virgin” is the key word … always buy virgin coconut oil.

1. Treat Bug Bites, Bruises and Skin Infections:

For bug bites, bruises and infections, coconut oil contains an element called Monolaurin, which appears to be effective for treating bug bites. Coconut oil contains anti-fungal properties and will aid in speeding up healing from scratches and skin infections, plus help to makes bruises go away quicker.

2. Restore Leather, Metal and Wood:
Renew and restore wood, leather and metal with coconut oil. Use a small amount on a cotton cloth and gently rub into the surface. Buff with a clean cotton cloth to reveal the transformation of shine and suppleness.

3. Pet First Aid:
Coconut oil can be used to treat dry skin, cracked paws, dry or rough nose, or as a general coat conditioner. Coconut oil is non-toxic, so it’s safe if your cats or dogs lick it off. Hopefully, they’ll leave it on for a while, but coconut oil can be applied up to three times per day with no worries.

4. Skin Moisturizer:
Coconut oil absorbs into skin quickly without leaving a residue. In the jar, Coconut oil is a solid, but when rubbed between your fingertips, or between your palms, it instantly becomes a liquid. Massage Coconut oil on your arms, legs, elbows, knees, feet. When repeated every few days, your skin will become soft and have a healthy glow.

5. Underarm or Leg Shaving Cream:
Coconut Oil used as a shaving cream not only nourishes the skin, but protects it as well. Water rolls off the oil, and protects your skin as you shave.

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