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Glowing Bronzer Organic Beauty Recipe

Glowing Bronzer Organic Homemade Beauty Recipe for Facial and Body Skin Highlights.


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Glowing Bronzer

This make at home bronzer will highlight your face and body with a dewy glow and will not dry out your skin. Customize coverage and contouring by how much you apply. Apply less for a light, natural glow. Apply more to contour or for a deep overall glow.

The special ingredient for a gorgeous glimmer in this bronzer recipe is Mica, which has light reflecting properties. Once you whip up your own Custom Bronzer, you may never want to buy it at a retail store again.

All of the organic ingredients we use are available through




1 tsp Silk Peptide Powder (optional)
1/2 tsp Magnesium Stearate cosmetic grade
2 tsp Organic French Red clay
6 tsp Zinc Oxide Powder
1/2 tsp Sericite Mica
1/4 tsp Organic Jojoba Oil
5 drops Organic Vitamin E Oil


Gently stir together all the ingredients listed above.

Pass through a fine sieve several times, until the mixture is very smooth. If you have an old blender, you can mix everything in a blender on a slow speed.

Gradually add in these oxides which act as coloring agents, then pass through the sieve between each addition:

1/2 tsp Red Iron Oxide
5/8 tsp Bronze Iron Oxide
1 tsp Yellow Iron Oxide
5/8 tsp Bronze Mica


Test the mixture on your skin and determine the color that’s best for your skin tone.

Correct as needed by adding more of each color.

Store in a cosmetic sifter jar or small mason jar away from direct sunlight.

Enjoy !!!







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