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Herbal Skin Detoxifier (steam treatment)

Herbal Skin Detoxifier Homemade Beauty Recipe


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Gather the following ingredients:

Juniper berries Used for: Detoxifying
Chamomile Flowers Used for: Soothing and calming
Calendula Flowers Used for: Softening the skin
Lavender Flowers and Thyme Used for: Antiseptic properties, also Lavender is an anti-depressant, stress reliever and helps relieve insomnia


Before putting head covered with towel over bowl, add the following essential oils:

1 drop of Patchouli Used for: dry and mature skin, regenerater, moisturizer, fungicide
2 drops of Tea Tree Oil Used for: Its high germicidal value
3 drops of Geranium Used for: cellular regeneration, also balances sebum
(substitute Lavender if pregnant)


Add all ingredients to warm water in a non-metallic pan and heat slowly (harder substances like roots, berries and bark for a longer period of time, leaves for less time, and flowers for the shortest amount of time).

Pour mixture into a large bowl.

Cover your head with a towel surrounding the bowl and lean over the bowl to breathe in the mixture’s properties for about 10 to 15 minutes

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