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Organic Vinegar Wall Prep Recipe

Organic Vinegar Wall Prep Recipe – Use Before Priming and Painting Your Interior Walls


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There are so many brand and levels of paint to buy now, and I read over how people are so unhappy because they use the new paints that are Paint and Primer in one, and are supposed to cover in just one coat.

You’d think if you buy a pricey paint to cover in one coat – that’s what would happen.


I can’t say this for everyone, but for us, the Prep Work is just as important as the type of paint you buy.


Do You Wash Your Walls Before You Paint?

In the past I’ve always used the TSP solution wall wash to prep my walls so they’ll be ready to accept new paint. Now I use a mixture of Organic White Vinegar and water – works just as good, if not better than TSP solutions. Plus, the organic Vinegar and Water solution saves me time.

When I’m doing a DIY project, it usually takes me 3 times longer than I estimate … so when I find something that saves me Time, and is Just as Effective – I’m all for it!

With a TSP wall wash solution, you have to apply the TSP wash to your walls, then rinse each wall with clear, clean water. Using Organic White Vinegar and Water, no rinsing is needed.


Organic Vinegar Wall Prep Recipe:


1 gallon – Water

2 cups  – Organic White Vinegar

1 – Honeycomb Sponge


Mix water and white vinegar in a five gallon bucket.

Stir slowly to blend.

Use a Honeycomb sponge or or large porous sponge to apply solution to walls.


After washing your walls with the white vinegar solution, use a dry sponge or 100% Cotton Rags to blot up any excess solution on the walls.

Allow walls to dry thoroughly before applying primer or paint.


Enjoy Your Newly Painted Walls !!!



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