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Vinegar Carpet Pet Stain Neutralizer

Vinegar Carpet Pet Stain Neutralizer


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If you have a puppy or any pet that’s had a potty accident on your carpet in the house, this solution will neutralize the urine. Urine must be neutralized to block the scent, otherwise pets will go back to that area and go again and again and again.


1/2 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup water
1/2 fresh lemon juice, if desired.


Combine vinegar and water in a handheld spray bottle.

Add in fresh lemon juice.

Shake gently to combine well.

Spray on carpets liberally, shaking bottle frequently between sprays.

Allow carpets to dry.

Vacuum treated areas.



Use this spray on a test spot, perhaps on carpet in a closet … just to be sure your carpet won’t fade or have an adverse reaction to the solution.

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